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Our Brand Promise

We get it! Leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can be intimidating. We create a forum of safety, support, and empowerment to navigate the complexities of your DEI journey. We thrive on helping connect the dots, so you can author the future you are proud of and can tap into the full potential of you and your team.​

Connecting The Pieces

Connexions Consulting, Inc. is an organizational development firm dedicated to creating inclusive, culturally competent workplaces. We help organizations achieve their objectives, goals, missions by optimizing talent, unleashing creative and inclusive environments, and enhancing their reputation in the marketplace.

We work with organizations to help them identify their current state with regards to Leadership, Talent, Culture, Marketplace, and Community Strategies. We provide the tools necessary to reveal “What Works Best for Us” to organizations and build out those implementation plans into a cohesive strategic plan. Further, we aid with developing solutions to identify untapped market opportunities and community engagement work.

Connexions - About US

At The Heart of Connexions

Charmaine Brown is an entrepreneur, inclusion, equity, and diversity expert and community capacity builder. She is the Founder and President of Connexions Consulting, Inc., and is a passionate inclusion advocate committed to helping leaders draw the connection between inclusive behaviors and high performing & profitable organizations.

With over 28 years of experience in strategic human resources, diversity & inclusion, human resource compliance and philanthropy, Charmaine's experience spans a range of industries including real estate, banking, healthcare, and nonprofits. She has demonstrated expertise in building inclusion and diversity programs from infancy to national recognition

Additionally, she has cultivated an extensive network of community partnerships and relationships with national, regional and local aimed at enhancing community capacity-building efforts.

Charmaine Brown

CEO, Connexions Consulting Inc.